The WordPress Bootcamp – New Course

The WordPress Bootcamp is the swiss army knife of WordPress courses. We learn every major WordPress plugin on the market, including:

SEO / Yoast SEO
4 Page Builders
Jetpack & Aksimet Anti Spam
WooCommerce & eCommerce Integration with WordPress
And so much more!

Instead of boring theory, we learn how to use the massive list of plugins above while building real-world production websites that can be used on a real site. It may be a WordPress website, but it will look like a real production website.

We built websites with WordPress such as:

Blogs from Beginner to Advanced
One-Page Startup Websites
WooCommerce & eCommerce Websites
Portfolio Websites
Social Media Networks
And more!

With 20+ hours of content, 150 quiz questions, and a final examThis is the only course you will ever need to become a WordPress Developer.

So, are you ready to learn WordPress development? Click here to enrol in the course today, and become the WordPress developer that you always hoped to be.


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